At what type of functions do the Cadenza Strings ensembles play?
We play at events of all types: weddings ceremonies, receptions, birthday parties, garden parties, concerts, dinners, business events, and more!

How far in advance should I contact Cadenza Strings to book an ensemble for my event?
It is best to book as far in advance as possible, as there is always the possibility that someone else will want to book an ensemble on the same date as your event. However, do not hesitate to ask us about any date, no matter how last-minute – we may be able to help!

What is the cost of hiring a Cadenza Strings ensemble?
The fee is based on the number of musicians hired and the length of time hired for. Please contact us for a quote.

What is the booking procedure?
After discussing your requirements in detail, a contract is prepared and sent to you for your perusal. You return the signed contract and non-refundable deposit to complete the booking. Contact us to get started!

When is the payment due?
A non-refundable deposit is due at the time of booking. We ask that a post-dated cheque be submitted with the original contract – one less thing to think about on the day of the event!

How do I know which ensemble is best to hire for my event?
The type of function, your budget, and the number of people attending should be considered when deciding which ensemble to book for an event. For smaller gatherings, a duo or trio is often sufficient, while a quartet is optimal (especially if there are many people attending, or guests will be talking) and may even need to be amplified (see next question). Feel free to contact us regarding your particular needs.

Will the group require any sound equipment?
Under most circumstances the ensemble will not require amplification, however for certain types of gatherings, it may be better to arrange for the group to be amplified. In this case, the client will be required to provide the necessary equipment and technicians to operate it. We would be happy to discuss the options with you.

Will the Cadenza Strings ensembles play special requests?
If there is a piece or song you would like to have performed at your event that is not already included in the repertoire of of the ensemble you are hoping to hire, we are able to have said piece or song purchased or arranged. Contact us for a quote.

Can a Cadenza Strings ensemble travel to an event outside of Toronto, Ottawa or Montreal?
We are generally able to travel to events up to one hour’s drive from the cities of Toronto, Ottawa or Montreal, but a transportation fee will apply. This fee will vary depending on the distance from Toronto, Ottawa or Montreal, the ensemble hired, and the length of time booked for.

Can a Cadenza Strings ensemble play outdoors?
Provided the weather is not too humid or cold, we can play for outdoor events. In hot weather, we require shade so that our instruments are protected from the sun. The client should have an alternative indoor location available in case of bad weather. If it is raining, humid or cold (below 15ºC) outside, the musicians will not perform unless given an alternate indoor location. Our instruments are too valuable to risk damage due to exposure.
Note: We will not accept outdoor bookings between October 1st and May 1st unless the client agrees to provide a heated tent for the musicians.

When will the hired musicians arrive?
The musicians will arrive approximately 15 minutes before the booked time in order to set up, unless more time is required. The client is not charged for the 15-minute set-up time.

What will the musicians wear?
We usually dress all in black. Of course, if a client requests casual attire or a different colour scheme, we can certainly try to accommodate!

What will the musicians require at the location?
We will require an armless chair for each musician hired, and sufficient light to read music by. The client should warn us if the musicians will be required to bring their own lighting. If hiring a soloist with piano accompaniment, a [tuned!] piano or keyboard is necessary. Both grand and upright pianos are acceptable.

Can Cadenza Strings help with choosing repertoire for a wedding ceremony?
One of our musicians would be happy to help choose the pieces to be played. We have played for many wedding ceremonies, and can help plan out the music for both traditional and non-traditional weddings. Music consultation is usually done via email, or occasionally telephone. If the client wishes to have a 30-minute meeting with a Cadenza Strings representative, this is also possible. Please note that a $50.00 fee (+ tax) will be charged.

Can Cadenza Strings ensembles play for Jewish wedding ceremonies?
Yes, we can provide music for Jewish wedding ceremonies!

Can the musicians attend a wedding rehearsal?
Generally, it is unnecessary for the musicians to be present at the rehearsal. We are experienced in playing during ceremonies, and will normally coordinate with the officiant on the day of the wedding. However, if you feel uncomfortable with this arrangement, you can request a representative of the ensemble (or the entire ensemble) to be present. Please note that a minimum $50.00 fee (+ tax) will be charged.

I would like a Cadenza Strings ensemble to play for my wedding ceremony and reception/dinner. They are at different locations. How does this work, and what are the charges?
If the gap between the two events does not exceed three hours, a fee is charged, because the musicians cannot accept additional engagements while waiting to play for your reception. The musicians are able to travel between venues.

When hiring an ensemble for a wedding ceremony, how do I know how long to book the musicians for?
Cadenza Strings has 3 categories for ceremony bookings, with regard to length: 70 minutes (for ceremonies of 10-40 minutes in length, + 30 minutes of prelude/postlude music), 90 minutes (for ceremonies of 40-60 minutes in length, + 30 minutes of prelude/postlude music), and 120 minutes (for ceremonies of 40-60 minutes in length, + 30 minutes of prelude/postlude music). If you are unsure of the ceremony length, it is always better to book for longer, to avoid losing your musicians part way through the ceremony if it runs late!
If the musicians do not have an immediate engagement and are able to stay past the predetermined end time of the booking, the client will be charged overtime.

Photo courtesy of Andrew Geddes