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Musical Ensemble(s) of Interest

String Ensembles:

String Quartet
(2 violins, viola & cello)
String Trio (2 violins & cello,
or violin, viola & cello)
String Duo (violin & cello)

Mixed Ensembles:

Trumpet Quintet
(2 violins, viola, cello & trumpet)
Bolero Trio (2 violins & guitar,
or violin, cello & guitar)
Flute Trio (flute, violin & cello)
Oboe Trio (oboe, violin & cello)
Guitar Duo (violin & classical guitar)
Harp Duo (violin & harp)
Classical Duo (violin & piano)
Classical Duo (cello & piano)
Pops Duo (violin & acoustic guitar)
Pops Duo (violin & piano)

Cadenza Strings Soloists:

Violin Soloist
Cello Soloist
Piano Soloist
Harp Soloist
Guitar Soloist